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What does anxiety actually mean?

*A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome (Oxford Dictionary)

It’s worth remembering Anxiety will be different for everybody and we will ALL feel anxious at some time in our life. We cannot get rid of Anxiety forever but we can learn ways of lessening the impact it has on our lives.

When we are anxious we can often find ourselves over thinking, or having ‘those same old thoughts’ over and over again.

Overthinking and Procrastination


There are a number of reasons WHY people overthink, one of these reasons could be a lack of confidence, or low self esteem. When we overthink we can easily begin to hesitate and become indecisive. We allow fear and uncertainly to creep into our minds. Fear is probably the biggest reason we overthink . . . . . . fear of change, fear of success or even fear of failure.

Parent Coaching


As a mother of 3 and an ex foster carer who has fostered around 25 children I feel I have lots to offer other parents in the form of coaching.

Along with a colleague I co-founded Parent-Plus where we offer online training and support for parents as well as delivering training in schools for teachers. Using Transactional Analysis theories we recently presented to the dental services at RAF Brize Norton on communication in the workplace.

(which is surprisingly similar to in the family)

Couples Counselling/Relationships


Communication is one of the most important parts of any relationship, once this breaks down it can start to feel more of a battle than a partnership.

Do YOU ‘fight fair’?

I see individuals as well as couples.

Quit Smoking


As an ex-smoker I know how it feels to want to stop but not having a clue where to start.

A good place is to look at your smoking habit as it is now (the same process can be used with over eating or any other habit you want to stop).

Pay attention to what happens just before you smoke, do you just do it without realising?