I am fully qualified and accredited to deliver Psychotherapy, NLP, The 3 Principals and Life Coaching.

I now specialise in delivering dedicated coaching packages specific to your needs (while still using all of my other skills and training). This ensures the most efficient service and the fastest route to getting you back on track.

Whether you are looking for a ‘quick fix’, some coping techniques to get you over a hurdle in your life, or you have ongoing issues that stem back to childhood that keep cropping up, I can help you recover quickly with coaching and get you back to the real ‘you’.

Neuro-linguistic programming NLP Lancashire


I have now moved my services away from traditional therapy and into coaching so we are able to target specific issues in your life much more efficiently. Coaching has a specific goal we are aiming to solve, a plan of how we are going to get there and an outcome so we know when we get there.

I don’t want you seeing me for the next 3 years, still suffering from the same issues you came to me with and this is how I saw Psychotherapy and Counselling at times, which is why I have moved away from it. You want the issues in your life resolved fast, and this is what I can help you to achieve!

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Click the contact me button below and fill in your details on the contact page or just drop me a txt if you are ready to take the first step and make a lasting change.

I only offer coaching via online Zoom video calls now, but don’t worry they are just as interactive as face to face.