Free Resources

Free Resources

Sign up for your free anxiety course below and a module will be emailed to you each day. Please check your junk folder as soon as you sign up for the first video and add to your contacts so the rest don’t end up in your junk.


Here is a list of all the ways I can support you that are completely free:

  • Sign up to the free course above.
  • I run a live Q+A on my Facebook page every Friday evening at 19:30 where you can ask me questions on anything you are struggling with. I also post regular memes, quotes, blog posts and general mental health advice.
  • I run a supportive Facebook group to support people with any mental health issues, with regular posts, free content and courses etc.
  • I also post the video version of my Podcast onto YouTube and have lots of other videos on my YouTube channel to help and support you.
  • My Podcast has been running for a long time now and every week I cover different topics, if you scroll through all the titles you will find an episode where I have covered what you are struggling with, and if I haven’t yet please email me and let me know so I can do one.
  • I have also just started up a new Facebook group around the menopause as it is something I am currently struggling with. A lot of doctors are miss-diagnosing anxiety and mental health related issue when they are actually just symptoms relating to the menopause so I am trying to spread more awareness around that and talk about my own journey and how it is really impacting on my life.
  • You can read some helpful Blog posts I have created which are also listed down the right hand side of the page.
  • I post regular positive and uplifting quotes, memes and pictures on Instagram.
  • I also run a free parenting support group called Parent Plus.
  • And finally if you sign up to my newsletter at the bottom of the page you can receive my free newsletter every month with all my latest free uploads, special offers and discounts (if you sign up to the free course above you will automatically go into my newsletter after the course so no need to sign up twice but just click unsubscribe after the course if you don’t wish to hear from me)

Paid Resources

However if you would like more structured or guided support I run a very low cost membership group called Living Life Being Human which you can read more about HERE.

At the moment it is free to try out for the first month and even includes a free coaching call with me so you have absolutely nothing to lose by joining for the month!

I have a Training Hub where you can find more in depth low cost courses.

I also offer one on one coaching if you need more in depth therapy/coaching just email me for info: but please start with all my free content above and try the membership out for 1 month to see if it helps, you can also just have an hour of coaching here and there along with the membership as and when you need it. I think the value you can get from receiving coaching while being in a supportive group really is priceless!