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Hi, I'm Jacci Jones a fully qualified Psychotherapist, Life & Divorce Coach

16 years ago I started my journey with Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching. I’ve struggled with my own panic attacks, anxiety, postnatal depression, and 2 divorces, so over the last 10 years I’ve personally road tested everything I share with you today.

I’m here to show you a clear path to busting down those mental blocks that are getting in your way, and it can happen MUCH quicker than you think, believe me!

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I see Coaching and NLP as a more direct, efficient way to help make the changes you want.

Coaching has a specific issue we are going to solve and a goal we are aiming to get to.

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What my members say

I love Jacci's way of wording things, without confusing concepts and jargon - let's face it, our minds are usually busy enough without dealing with that too. She has a very down to earth, approachable 'vibe' around her and this has made me feel comfortable and safe on her zoom calls and in her groups. I began the course a little nervous about it being a group of us, feeling that people may judge, but I couldn't have been more wrong. In actual fact I learnt almost as much from listening to other people's experiences as I did from Jacci. Needless to say, I've signed up for membership in the hope my curiosity and understanding will grow even more!!
Jacci is a fantastic therapist. She’s very inclusive and open and encourages others to feel comfortable and embrace their mental health with a positive outlet. Highly recommend.
I saw Jacci for a number of sessions after a mental break down. I suffer from depression, over thinking, stress , anxiety and paranoia. Straight away I felt at ease with Jacci. she tought me that I was ok and totally changed my way of thinking. I would highly recommend Jacci to anyone who needs a kind ,patient lady to talk to and suffers from any of the above symptoms. Thank you Jacci x