-Are you ready to make a change?-

i feel anxious and overwhelmed every day

I was anxious and felt overwhelmed every day’

As some of you know I am a trained Psychotherapist and now also a Three Principles coach.

I run a private practice from my home and also see clients online so distance is not a problem. I see clients of all ages, children, couples and individuals, I am also starting to run workshops in schools talking about mental health.

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or stressed and anxious you CAN make a change and sooner than you think with the right support.

Why do I do this?
Because I am passionate about helping people see that we all have mental health. Sometimes life events mean we forget that underneath whatever is going on we are ok.

I believe that nobody is ‘broken’.

I, like others I know, have had periods in my life that were difficult. I suffered from post natal depression. I was anxious and felt overwhelmed every single day. I also felt that nobody would understand or be able to help me through it – so I struggled through it alone in my thoughts.

I made it very difficult for myself when it didn’t need to be.

I am sharing this because if there is someone out there struggling through on their own, I want them to know there is an easier way.

Talk to someone, ask for help and take help that is offered by those around you.

Jacci xx

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